Homoeopathic Wing

Sr. No. Name of the Officer/ Official Designation Contact Number Place of posting
1. Dr. Manju Shree Assistant Director (Homoeo.) / I/c Distt. Homoeopathic Dispensaries 94173-75499 (M) Incharge GHD-24, Chd., Directorate office
2. Dr. Pankaj Kaul (C) Homoeopathic Medical Officer 98888-84246 Incharge GHD-27, Chd.
3. Dr. Neha (C) Homoeopathic Medical Officer 98880-81463 Incharge GHD-37, Chd.
4. Dr. Sunaina Chadha (C) Homoeopathic Medical Officer 98142-88839 Incharge GHD-47, Chd.
5. Dr. Gaurav Kaushal (C) Homoeopathic Medical Officer 98554-74705 Incharge GHD-11, Chd.
6. Dr. Shivani Thakur (C) Homoeopathic Medical Officer 83518-90005 GHD-11, Chd. and Mobile AYUSH Dispensary Van
7. Sh. Kulwinderjit Singh Homoeopathic Dispenser 98728-92929 GHD-35, Chd.
8. Smt. Jasminder Kaur Homoeopathic Dispenser 81465-33449 GHD-27, Chd.
9. Sh. Gurcharan Singh (C) Homoeopathic Dispenser 96464-67700 GHD-37, Chd.
10. Smt. Navjyoti (C) Homoeopathic Dispenser 94642-58912 GHD-24, Chd.
11. Sh. Parmod Kumar (C) Homoeopathic Dispenser 99887-19574 GHD-27, Chd. & Mobile AYUSH Dispensary Van
12. Smt. Shaveta Sharma (C) Homoeopathic Dispenser 94178-63823 GHD-11, Chd.
13. Smt. Jyoti Sangar (C) Homoeopathic Dispenser 88745-26910 GHD-16 & GHD-47, Chd.
14. Sh. Varinder Bhatti Ward Servant 98551-80803 GHD-24, Chd.
15. Sh. Kamal Chand Ward Servant 98882-25777 GHD-47, Chd.
16. Sh. Bharat Bhushan Ward Servant 98885-51766 GHD-35, Chd.
17. Sh. Ram Achal Attendant (C) 97803-22373 GHD-11, Chd.
18. Sh. Ram Kumar Attendant (C) 88156-99683 GHD-27, Chd.
19. Smt. Gurpal Kaur Attendant (C) 97814-02346 GHD-27, Chd.
20. Sh. Raju Sweeper-cum-Chowkidar 96466-19384 GHD-24, Chd.
21. Sh. Rajvir Sweeper 99880-96565 GHD-35, Chd.
22. Sh. Sonu Sweeper-cum-Chowkidar (C) 82888-98113 Directorate Office
23. Sh. Shiv Kumar Mali (Part Time) ————- GHD-35
24. Sh. Dinesh Mali (Part Time) ————- GHD-47
25. Sh. Kalia Parshad Mali (Part Time) ————- GHD-27
26. Smt. Sarabjit Sweeper (Part Time) ————- GHD-11
27. Smt. Babli Sweeper (Part Time) ————- GHD-27
Staff under NHM/ AYUSH
28. Dr. Monika Homoeopathic Medical Officer I/c GHD-22, Chd.
29. Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary Homoeopathic Medical Officer 99880-85652 I/c GHD Kaimbwala, Chd.
30. Dr. Geeta Chaudhary Homoeopathic Medical Officer 94633-52062 I/c GHD Manimajra, Chd.
31. Dr. Geetu Aggarwal Homoeopathic Medical Officer 93574-15881 I/c GHD-Mauli Jagran, Chd.
32. Mrs. Sonia Homoeopathic Dispenser 95929-71270 GHD-22, Chd.
33. Mrs. Sukhjeet Kaur Homoeopathic Dispenser 98762-36327 GHD- Manimajra, Chd.
34. Mrs. Geeta Rani Homoeopathic Dispenser 90232-43509 GHD – Kaimbwala, Chd.
35. Sh. Ravinder Singh Homoeopathic Dispenser 95696-07742 GHD- Mauli Jagran, Chd.

Central Store (Homoeopathic), GHD-27, Chandigarh

Sr. No. Name of the Officer/ Official Designation Contact Number Place of posting
01 Dr. Manju Shree Assistant Director (Homoeo.) / I/c Distt. Level Govt. Homoeopathic Dispensaries 94173-75499 (M), 0172-2676040 (LL) Incharge GHD-34, Chd.
02 Smt. Jasminder Kaur Homoeopathic Dispenser 81465-33449 GHD-37, Chd.

(C ) = Contractual